A Importância da Agricultura Familiar no Brasil e em seus Estados


Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto – University of São Paulo

Silvio M. Ichihara – University of São Paulo

Fernando Gaiger Silveira – University of São Paulo

Bernardo P. Campolina Diniz – University of São Paulo

Carlos R. Azzoni – University of São Paulo

Guilherme R.C. Moreira – University of São Paulo

Abstract: The aim of this paper is estimate how important is agriculture and familiar agriculture agribusiness for Brazil and its states. To do so, the GDP for the agribusiness of these complexes is estimated for Brazil and for its 27 states. The estimation is based on an interregional input-output system constructed for the Brazilian economy. The agribusiness takes into consideration the relations between the agriculture production and the other sectors in the economy (inputs for production, industry, transportation, distribution, and commercialization). The importance of the familiar agribusiness can be evidence for it’s share of about 10% in the total Brazilian GDP, but regional differences will make this average oscillates between 4% and 27% in the Brazilian states. Another distinction will be made between small familiar production and large scale production that will vary according to the product and the state. Some relation between land distribution and the type of agriculture will also be made.

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