Employment and familiar agriculture agribusiness in the Brazilian economy: an interregional Leontief-Miyazawa model approach


Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto – University of São Paulo

Fernanda Sartori de Camargo – University of São Paulo

Abstract: The agricultural sector has great importance in the socio-economic development. Its development throughout history has enabled the emergence of other activities and therefore new jobs. Furthermore, the importance of the agribusiness can be evidence for its share of about 30% in the total Brazilian GDP and its importance in generating jobs. To study this sector in more detail, the agricultural sector was broken down into two sectors: Familiar and Non-Familiar Agriculture Agribusiness. The goal of this paper is to study how the productive structure and the income distribution in the Brazilian economy have had an impact over employment generation and income sectors in the Familiar and Non-Familiar Agriculture Agribusiness in 2002. This paper uses as a theoretical basis the Leontief-Miyazawa approach considering the differences between sectors and the 27 Brazilian states. 

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