Importância de uma política de saneamento rural no Brasil


Cinthia Cabral da Costa – Embrapa Instrumentação

Joaquim José Martins Guilhoto – Universidade de São Paulo

Impact of a rural sanitation policy in Brazil

Abstract: Brazil has more than 23 million rural people with unimproved sanitation, which corresponds to about 75% of rural population. This study aimed to measure the social, environmental and economic impacts caused by implementation of a technological proposal for sanitation: “septic cesspool biodigester”. It was found that, per year, the implementation of this technology in rural homes with unimproved sanitation could: reduce about 250 deaths and 5.5 million infections caused by diarrheal diseases; reduce pollution of waterways by about 250 thousand tons of BOD and; that every R$1.00 invested in the implementation of alternative technology evaluated could cause a return to the society of R$2.55 in GDP. Moreover, the jobs would increase from 51 thousand.

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