The energy consumption and the CO2 emissions in different income class in São Paulo state and rest of Brazil: The IRIO approach


Ricardo Luis Lopes – Universidade Estadual de Maringá

Joaquim José Martins Guilhoto – Universidade de São Paulo

Rafael Perez Marcos – Universidade de São Paulo

ABSTRACT: The main propose of this study is to analyze the consumption of different types of energies and the level of CO2−eq emission per different income class in Sao Paulo State and the Rest of Brazil. We distinguish household in twelve classes of income for year of 2008, with estimated levels of energy consumption and emissions through the construction of interregional input–output model reconciliation of the National Energy Balance. We found that classes with higher income tend to consume more of the sectors that have the highest rate of efficiency of energy and carbon emission. The Household in Sao Paulo state have the major impact in the energy demand and CO2-eq emission. But the energy demand and the CO2-eq emissions by monetary unit are biggest in the smaller income class

Keywords: CO2 Emissions. Input-Output model. Household consumption. Energy use.



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